Why are lines like this given on the back of the SIM card?

There are many things in this world that we do not know. I am going to talk about some such things. Would anyone believe that there is a person who bought an iPhone for just Rs 68? Can you get an iPhone for Rs 68 anywhere? There is a person who got it. He was looking at the Snapdeal Rs 68 iPhone. He ordered immediately. But due to some technical problems, they informed that the iPhone has come to this price and they canceled the order completely. But this young man was not ready to let it go. He filed a case in court.

With that, the court said that he should be given an iPhone worth 68 rupees and also 2,000 rupees as compensation. And then the company was not ready for it. They were going to the court above. But the judgment passed by that court was similar. The court ordered an iPhone and Rs 10,000 as compensation. In any case, this man’s luck is worth mentioning. Got the phone for Rs 68. And got another ten thousand rupees.

We have been using SIM for years. We must have noticed the lines on the back of the SIM. What exactly are the lines on the back of this SIM? Is it just a design? This is not design. Because of the lines on the back of the SIM, we can connect the SIM to the phone very well and use it. A special chip. When it works with the phone, the signals on the phone turn on properly and the phone works without any problem.

We have seen the letter A in two ways. Unlike the letter A that we have learned in school, we have seen it in smart phones etc. This is a very different letter A. If you ask why it is not used in books, this letter is very difficult to write. That is why it is not used in books.