Is it possible not to laugh when doing stupid things like this?

We watch many different types of videos. Maybe through social media and so on. Some of the interesting videos that are circulating on social media are gaining attention.

Today is the age of filters. All features are different. Here you can see a few different filters. Here we can see a woman sitting very angry. When the angry person looks back, the person taking the video has put a special filter on their face. This woman is angry at what this person has done. Along with that, this work. Of course, the truth is that they don’t need anything more to make them angry.

Here we can see a video that makes us understand that we should never trust our friends. Here a friend is giving fruit to a friend. He looks at his friend who gives him money with love. But he is posting this video here after making his friend’s face look like a monkey with a filter. Even though it is bad to do such a thing, at least for a moment the video gives us a smile.

What would we do if suddenly a friend of ours asks us while we are eating something? Either we will take it and give it to that friend, or we will tell them frankly that we do not want to give it to them. But what a guy does here is a scene where his female partner asks him for the item and he spits it out of his mouth and into her mouth. Although it looks disgusting, it is certain that you will think about what they mean.