Blaupunkt BTW01 True Wireless Earbuds Review

If you are looking for wireless earbuds then you must check out this offering from Blaupunkt. The model that we are talking about here is Blaupunkt BTW01 and these are completely wireless Earbuds available in India.  The design is compact and they are available in black colour which makes them all the more appealing to the user. Let us learn more about these earbuds so go ahead and check out this short review on the earbuds. 

Design and Features

In terms of device, these earbuds come with a charging case that resembles the one from Apple Air pods. These earbuds have a black colour and the case is also black in colour. Each earbud weighs just 5.5 gram and it has a dimension of 23.5 mm x 24.7 mm x 17.2mm which makes it really compact. These earbuds have tap control just like most of the wireless earbuds and you can use it for various functions. For example, one tap can help you in picking up the call and two taps can help you in disconnecting the call. Apart from this, you can hold the earbud for 2 seconds to move on to the next track. Similarly, 3 taps can initialize the voice assistant. These buds are connected to phone via Bluetooth v5.0 and they are also rated for IPX-5 water resistance.

Sound Quality

To begin with, we would like to mention that these earbuds are loaded with high sensitivity silicon mic and the sound quality is really good. You would experience a rich bass along with crisp treble which would make the sound experience a lot more immersive. The calls are clear and you do not hear any kind of distortion even when you are near any electrical appliance. There is passive noise cancellation offered by these earbuds which ensures that it blocks a lot of background noise for you.

Battery Backup

The batteries of these earbuds from Blaupunkt are also quite reliable. Each earbud has a battery with the capacity of 75 mAh and that is capable of giving you a talk time or a playback time of 6 hours. You can use them independently or you can use them together at once, apart from this, the charging dock is loaded with a battery of 590 mAh which means that it is capable of charging your earbuds and enhancing the talk time by 24 hours. 

Final Verdict

These are certainly one of the best earbuds available in the market and you can use them while travelling, jogging, running or any other kind of workout. You can even use them while driving and what makes the difference is the fact that these earbuds are also sweat resistant.  The battery backup is good and the sound quality is also quite amazing. With all these factors, you can trust these earbuds with your music and calls. At present, the MRP of these earbuds is Rs 7999 but there are available at a discounted price of Rs 4,999 on retailers like Amazon.