The person who marries this girl will be given Rs 2 crore.

In India, girls pay dowry to men for marriage. But not so in Thailand. There the groom gives dowry to the bride. Contrary to Thai tradition, there is a father who announces dowry for his daughter’s marriage. He announced that he would give 10 million Thai baht to anyone who marries his daughter. That is about 2 crore Indian rupees. At the same time, the responsibility of running the father’s business will be left to the husband.

Karnsita Rodthong
Karnsita Rodthong

However, the young man who marries his 26-year-old daughter Karnasita has certain conditions. According to local media. The boy has to work hard and value money. The most important thing is that the boy does not have to have a degree, instead, he must be able to read and write.

Rodathong has durian (a type of fruit with large ridges) farms. They are one of the most expensive fruits. His daughter Karnasita assists in this task. She says her daughter needs a husband to handle her work.

Rodathong reportedly received more than 10,000 applications since it was announced. Annoyed by repeated calls, Rodthong made the request on his Facebook page as well. “My future son-in-law who wants to get married please stop calling me” However they still stick to their promise.